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How to Add Value to Your Home: Our Guide

Want to know how to add value to your home without consulting a builder first? You’ve come to the right place here at Lonsdale Metal. While kitchen revamps are thought to add the most value to your home, you might prefer a more intricate renovation that sets it apart from other houses on the market.

There are a multitude of ways to add value without spending too much time or money, but if you have a few pennies to spare and are looking to completely upgrade your home, this article will be your ultimate guide.

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Low E Glass: What Is It?

Manufacturers in the architectural industry are forever searching for ways to innovate. One of the latest inventions, and indeed a popular one, is low e glass. For anyone seeking to be energy efficient and optimise their internal environment, low emissivity glass is fantastic.

We appreciate, however, that if you are not familiar with this industry, you may be totally unfamiliar with the term. Moreover, the fantastic benefits which it provides may not be so obvious. 

Today, we at Lonsdale Metal are going to explore low e glass in ample detail. For any of our uneducated customers, we want to provide a complete summary of what it is, how it works and, most importantly, what the benefits are. Continue below for more information.

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Do I Need a Professional for Rooflight Cleaning?

If you own a rooflight, you will understand the importance of routine rooflight cleaning. If you are a prospective buyer who is interested in purchasing a rooflight, we would encourage you to consider regular cleaning as a part of ownership. 

Not only does it help to preserve the condition of the system but it ensures your property, overall, does not experience degradation. 

Depending on the location, and the size of the rooflight, it can be difficult to clean. This begs the question: is rooflight cleaning best handled by a professional? Well, not always. 

In the following article, we are going to explore the importance of cleaning for product preservation. Moreover, we are going to outline when it is acceptable to clean your rooflight and when you may need to enlist the help of an expert. Continue below for more information.

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Sustainable Construction Methods and Rooflights

The need for sustainable construction methods is growing year on year. In the UK, it is estimated that the construction sector accounts for 45% of CO2 emissions. Historically, we have not been well attuned to the environment and how we impact the planet. In the past, there has been little acknowledgement for how construction methods, if not regulated, can contribute to environmental issues.  

In modern society, we are all held accountable, and made responsible, for our actions in relation to the planet. All sectors have been leaned on to adapt and enhance their processes to promote sustainability. Today we are exploring what the construction industry is doing to align themselves with this shift. Moreover, we will share how we at Lonsdale Metal are contributing to the collective push for sustainability in construction. 

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How to Create an Environmentally Friendly House

Creating an environmentally friendly house can be done with relative ease, and is hugely important. Year on year climate change worsens, and we all have a responsibility to do our bit to reduce our impact on the planet. Often, small changes that we can all make accumulate and help to bring about positive change. There are a number of things, for example, we can do around the home to help the collective climate effort. Today we are going to explore the ways in which homeowners can transform their home into an environmentally friendly house.

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Rooflights for Listed Buildings: Is it Possible?

In the past we have received requests from customers that desire rooflights for listed buildings. If you own a listed building or are in the process of buying one, you may not yet understand the procedures in place to protect the property. With any listed building, if you own the property there are certain conditions that you must meet and agree to. Today we are going to unpack the restrictions surrounding listed buildings: ultimately asking is it possible to purchase rooflights for listed buildings. 

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Finding The Right Rooflights For Your Home

Finding the right rooflights for your home can be difficult if you are new to rooflights and skylights. So, it is vital that you are aware of all of the factors you need to think about when choosing rooflights for your property. In this blog article, we will cover how to find the right rooflights for your home, so you can work your way through all of the different aspects that will need to be in consideration. Sit back and take note of everything you need to know when purchasing rooflights for your home.

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