New! ThermGard TG50 Roof Glazing System

  • Wide Spans
  • Low Pitch
  • Non-Fragile

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​SpanGard self-supporting roof lanterns and skylights are manufactured from the ThermGard patent glazing system providing excellent thermal performance. Each rooflight is pre-built in our factory and fully fabricated ready for immediate installation on site. The integrated aluminium cill, ridge, hip & eaves members enables roof pitches from 15° to 45° and in some instances beyond, subject to overall width dimensions.

“Your products have stood the test of time and lots and lots of rain!” – Sat Jandu, The British Museum

Custom made to order, our bespoke roof lanterns include:

  • Flat Rooflights
  • Hipped Roof Lanterns & Skylights
  • Pyramid Roof Lights
  • Hexagonal Roof Lights
  • Circular Rooflights
  • Faceted Rooflights
  • Gable Ended Roof Lanterns & Skylights
  • Irregular Shape Rooflights
  • Continuous Rooflights & Skylights


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What does “Thermally Broken” mean?

“Thermally broken” describes a type of reinforced building material that enhances insulation in a building. This material could be aluminium, steel, or bronze. Combined with the rest of the components of the SpanGard rooflight, you will notice that your building uses the artificial heat you provide it far more efficiently thanks to the thermally broken materials.

Do SpanGard Roof Lanterns make a room cold in winter?

No. SpanGard roof lanterns do not make a room colder. If your room isn’t artificially heated, the rooflight will not introduce heat to it, but it will prevent heat from escaping. You will notice that your rooms feel warmer for far longer with a SpanGard roof lantern, as the insulating properties of the rooflight will prevent the heat from egressing your room. 

Are SpanGard Roof Lanterns liable to leak?

SpanGard roof lanterns are not liable to leak if installed correctly. The silicone seals which surround the roof lantern are water-tight and prevent moisture from getting into your building. But if the silicone seals aren’t laid properly, water will get through and cause problems around your rooflight and in your room. 

How much does a SpanGard Roof Lantern cost?

Due to the sheer number of variables that go into our SpanGard roof lanterns, we cannot publish an accurate price estimate on our website. We offer many shapes and sizes that are all custom-made to order, so if you need a rough estimate, please don’t hesitate to contact us! We’ll send you a personalised quote!