New! ThermGard TG50 Roof Glazing System

  • Wide Spans
  • Low Pitch
  • Non-Fragile

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EcoGard Flat Rooflights & Flat Roof Skylights

  • Fixed Rooflights

    Fixed Rooflights

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    A range of standard sizes are available from stock within 4-5 days with non-standard rooflights usually delivered within 10-14 working days. Heat soaked tested toughened glass is used for maximum strength and laminated glass inner pane is available to order if required. Non-fragile rooflights are available by using upgraded glass in accordance with CWCT TN92 non-fragility recommendations.

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  • Bespoke Rooflights

    Bespoke Rooflights

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    A range of fixed glass rooflights in various shapes and sizes are available, so don’t be limited to square or rectangular shapes! We can manufacture round, triangular or irregular shapes in any standard RAL colour. Various glass specifications include walk-on, man-safe, solar control, satin and even ‘intelligent’ switchable glass. Please contact please send us your requirements here.

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  • Continuous Rooflights

    Continuous Rooflights

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    Multipane rooflights upto 2.5M wide by infinite can be made to order and are supplied in linking glass roof panels for ease of assembly and access purposes.

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  • Opening Rooflights

    Opening Rooflights

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    Opening rooflights are available for day to day ventilation or smoke ventilation to EN12101. A range of motors and gears are available for both electric, automatic or manual operation and there are few circumstances we have not yet encountered if you require a custom solution. Opening rooflights are available to suit flat roofs or pitched roofs.

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  • Walk-On Rooflights

    Walk-On Rooflights

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    We work to the highest standard of safety and exceed building regulations as we build our walk-on rooflights without compromise. Non-slip patterns are also available.

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  • Access Rooflights

    Access Rooflights

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    Manually operated access rooflights upto 1.5SqM are available and we recommend electric actuation for larger rooflights up to 2SqM due to weight. In each case, a witdh restriction of 1.2M applies.

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EcoGard Flat Rooflights

The Contemporary High Performance Roof Light Guaranteed Not To Leak

10 Year Comprehensive Guarantee

The EcoGard range of roof lights for flat roofs are manufactured to the highest standards and competitively priced. Careful attention to detail and selection of high performance sealants that last, ensure we can confidently offer a 10 year guarantee against leaks when installed within our recommendations. However, building owners can be confident EcoGard will give many years good service with a design life of 25 years or more and virtually zero life-cycle costs.

Designed for easy fixing to builder’s curb, but why not save valuable time on site and order one of our flat pack timber curbs which incorporate the necessary 5° fall? These are available in standard sizes and can be sent next day so the roof opening can be prepared prior to delivery of the roof light.​

“When it came to a rooflight for my own studio, Lonsdale proved the obvious choice” Sir Terry Farrell, Terry Farrell & Partners

  • 10 Year Leak Free Guarantee
  • Non-standard, custom sizes & shapes made to order, but Standard Size (o/a ext curb) available ex-stock incl:
    • 1000mm x 1000mm
    • 1000mm x 1500mm
    • 1000mm x 2000mm
  • Nationwide delivery usually within 4-5 working days for standard sizes and non-standard within 10-14 working days.
  • Supply only or national installation via our dealer network.
  • Quick & simple to install with easy to follow instructions.
  • Toughened safety glass as standard, but other glazing specifications available including solar control or triple glazing to 0.6W/m2K.
  • Thermally broken aluminium frame & 1.2W/m2K centre pane Uvalue for improved heat retention.
  • Easy clean low maintenance glass option available.


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What are the benefits of Ecoguard Flat Rooflights?

EcoGuard flat rooflights are beneficial for buildings that don’t have the necessary space to install a roof lantern. They’re incredibly easy to install and don’t require planning permission before installation. They’re aesthetically pleasing and can allow far more light into your room than a standard vertical window. They’re a great natural light solution for any residential or commercial building. 

Are Ecogard Flat Rooflights Easy To Clean?

EgoGuard flat rooflights are incredibly easy to clean. All you need is warm water, soap, a sponge, and a microfibre cloth. The warm water and soap will lift the dirt, the sponge will dislodge it from the glass surface, and the microfibre cloth will ensure a sleek and clean finish to your panes. It is important to remember to never use abrasive cleaners or sponges on your EcoGuard flat rooflight, and to avoid using a jet washer, as this can dislodge the silicone seal and make your rooflight more liable to leaking. 

Can You Walk On A Flat Ecogard Rooflight?

We manufacture our EcoGuard flat rooflights using toughened safety glass. Toughened safety glass is tested under strenuous conditions to make them suitable for walking on, and is five times stronger than regular glass. So, so long as your EcoGuard flat rooflight has toughened safety glass, you can walk on it.  

How Much Does An Ecogard Flat Rooflight Cost?

We price our rooflights competitively, so we can ensure you receive the best products for the lowest price. Our prices start from £350 and increase following your requirements. If you need a bespoke EcoGuard flat rooflight, we’ll be happy to give you a quote over the phone, as there are just too many variables to publish a cost on our website!