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What We Do

Lonsdale provides you with concise and reliable information to help designing and specifying glass roofs that bit easier. Follow our guidance and you can be sure your projects will feature safe and weather-tight roof glazing that will give many years good service.

Please take a look at the Design & Regulations pages on the website which are likely to answer any queries you may have. However, if you can’t find what you need, please contact our Technical Department where our experienced and helpful team can offer you further advice.

NBS H10 is the National Building Specification classification for patent glazing and L10 is more applicable to modular rooflights. You will find our NBS Plus Specifications cover most of the typical instances and glass types for canopies, covered ways, smoking shelters, platform glazing, atria, hipped, gable ended, pyramid, octagonal, shaped or mono pitch rooflights, skylights or lanterns. Don’t miss using this useful tool as it will speed up the specification process for you considerably.

As members of NARM, we can also provide an online CPD Seminar on the use of rooflights to provide daylighting in buildings. We promise not to bore you, but really show you how the natural daylight provided by roof lights can enhance the design and environment of your building. Contact us for details.

Finally, see our library of CAD Details illustrating section profiles and hundreds of typical installation details.

​Lonsdale are a specialist manufacturer with over 70 years experience of the design and fabrication of roof glazing, patent glazing, rooflights, roof lanterns and skylights.

You can be sure our systems will comply with latest building regulations for sloped glazing with regard to thermal performance, air-tightness and non-fragility.

Installation is via a national network of registered dealers. These companies vary in size and resources enabling us to introduce you to usually a choice of three companies best placed to offer you competitive prices combined with the required level of expertise for your client’s building.

Please contact us with brief details of your project, stating location, size and approximate value so you may take advantage of a prompt reply.

Large projects? If you have a large project such as a rail station, school, hospital or retail park, we may be able to assist by minimising costs, thus maximising your profits and at the same time, helping you deliver best value for your client. Please contact our Sales Director richard.burgess@lonsdalemetal.co.uk for advice.

​At Lonsdale, you can rely on us to realise just how important it is that you receive your glazing systems correctly manufactured, nothing missing and delivered on time. All our patent glazing systems and glass roof products, are designed to be easily installed thus reducing expensive labour time on site and at the same time eliminate mistakes ensuring quality, weather-tightness and safety.

Helping you with design, technical and installation advice is all part of the service and you will have easy access to our experienced, helpful staff who are only too willing to share their expertise and help you achieve a successful installation.

Most of our customers tell us that roof glazing is the most profitable part of their business returning them excellent margins. If you too would like to learn how Lonsdale can help you grow and produce regular income from patent glazing and rooflights, please contact our Sales Director richard.burgess@lonsdalemetal.co.uk

Whether you are a home or commercial property owner, Lonsdale roof glazing systems are suitable for your building.

Whilst Lonsdale rooflights feature on some of our most historic and important buildings, we also like to lay claim to literally thousands of households throughout the country where our glass roofs are making homes more enjoyable to live in.

For those of you who wish to avoid dreary, cheap and cheerful plastic systems you may be pleasantly surprised just how competitive an aluminium and glass roof might be in comparison. Combining this with a 40 year design life and low maintenance, make Lonsdale systems the choice of discerning home owners, the Royal Family, Prime Minister and US Ambassador amongst them! If you choose to have a Lonsdale roof you will be in good company. Other well known people amongst our client list include leading architect Sir Terry Farrell, the Cartier jewellery dynasty, entrepreneur Sir James Dyson and top designer Jasper Conran.

Owners of commercial buildings can gain peace of mind knowing that Lonsdale remains the first choice of industry professionals and have been scrutinised by all the leading design teams including the likes of White Young Green, Atkins, Building Design Partnership and Davis Langdon.

Please contact our Sales Office for details of your nearest Lonsdale dealer.​

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When was Lonsdale founded?

Lonsdale was originally founded in 1946, almost 80 years ago! 

How many projects have you completed?

It is difficult to confidently say how many projects we have completed, but we would estimate that it must be in the thousands. There are simply too many to count!

How big is your team?

Currently, we employ 20 team members here at Lonsdale. 

How long does the installation usually take to complete?

The time it takes to install a rooflight entirely depends on the size and the location For example, our EcoGard flat rooflights require two fitters to install (to adhere to H&SE rules), and due to the weight usually takes a maximum of two to three hours, on a single-story roof. However, the installation time is immeasurable for bespoke projects. We can provide you with an estimate of installation time in your quote, though!