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The Ultimate Guide to Low-E Glass

Have you noticed a lack of insulation in your build? Even with all the windows and doors shut, and the AC turned off, are you still losing heat? It’s common for the cold to infiltrate your space, but we understand the difficulty of rising energy costs when constantly having your heaters turned on. But we have a solution for you!

In this article, we’ll discuss the factors of low-E glass, how it functions, the types of low-emissivity glass, how you can benefit from it, and how much it costs. Read on to learn how you can save your energy with this sustainable option.

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Low E Glass: What Is It?

Manufacturers in the architectural industry are forever searching for ways to innovate. One of the latest inventions, and indeed a popular one, is low e glass. For anyone seeking to be energy efficient and optimise their internal environment, low emissivity glass is fantastic.

We appreciate, however, that if you are not familiar with this industry, you may be totally unfamiliar with the term. Moreover, the fantastic benefits which it provides may not be so obvious. 

Today, we at Lonsdale Metal are going to explore low e glass in ample detail. For any of our uneducated customers, we want to provide a complete summary of what it is, how it works and, most importantly, what the benefits are. Continue below for more information.

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Do I Need a Professional for Rooflight Cleaning?

If you own a rooflight, you will understand the importance of routine rooflight cleaning. If you are a prospective buyer who is interested in purchasing a rooflight, we would encourage you to consider regular cleaning as a part of ownership. 

Not only does it help to preserve the condition of the system but it ensures your property, overall, does not experience degradation. 

Depending on the location, and the size of the rooflight, it can be difficult to clean. This begs the question: is rooflight cleaning best handled by a professional? Well, not always. 

In the following article, we are going to explore the importance of cleaning for product preservation. Moreover, we are going to outline when it is acceptable to clean your rooflight and when you may need to enlist the help of an expert. Continue below for more information.

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How Do I Save Money on Energy Bills?

In the current climate, it is important that people know how to save money on energy bills. Even without the recent upsurge in energy bill pricing, knowing how to save money is important. 

The truth is, energy bills can often be brought under control by implementing a few basic measures. This is what we are going to discuss in the following article. 

Whilst some of the things we talk about in the following article are easy to implement, and are inexpensive, some require an investment. However, even the features which require investment are likely to pay dividends in a number of ways. 

Continue below for our definitive guide on reducing your overall energy consumption and expenditure. 

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Planning Permission for Rooflights: Is It Needed?

Over our years of trade, we have often been asked whether planning permission for rooflights is necessary. We understand this position, as making alterations to your property and not being compliant with regulations can be a headache. 

The truth is, the answer largely depends on your specific circumstances. Installing a rooflight, however, is not as complicated as many think. 

In the following article, we at Lonsdale Metal want to delve into the topic of planning permission. We are going to outline what it is, why it is necessary and, moreover, whether it is required for a rooflight installation. 

We hope by offering this definitive guide, homeowners will have greater confidence in making renovations whilst staying compliant with regulatory requirements.

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The Benefits of Natural Light & How to Get More

We at Lonsdale Metal are firm believers in the benefits of natural light. We have spoken at length in our blog section about natural light and how it stands to offer rewards to home and business owners. 

We wanted to revisit the topic today, as natural light is so fundamental to what we do. As a result of our products, people are able to experience more natural light in the home and the inevitable benefits that doing so brings. 

Today, we are unpacking both the benefits of waking up to natural light as well as experiencing it throughout the day. We want to provide a definitive case for creating more natural light in the home, as we believe it stands to benefit people to no end. Continue below for more information. 

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Heat Loss in a House: Overview & Prevention

If you are a property owner, heat loss in a house can be really distressing. Not only does it mean that your property is colder than it should be, but it also means a portion of your energy bill, which is already costly, is lost. 

Especially in the current climate, with the rising increase in energy prices, it is hugely beneficial to explore ways to reduce heat loss in homes.

Whilst some degree of heat loss in the home is inevitable, there are certain properties that lose a startling amount of heat. Moreover, this can often be mitigated with some simple fixes and a bit of knowledge. Whilst some heat loss prevention measures are expensive, others are cheap and relatively easy to implement. 

Today, we at Lonsdale Metal are offering effective solutions for tackling heat loss in a house. We want to give you a complete overview of where most heat loss occurs. Subsequently, you will have the knowledge to prevent it at the source. 

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Do Skylights Leak? All You Need to Know

So, let’s get straight to the point: do skylights leak? To answer that question, we need to delve a little deeper. 

Whilst earlier iterations of skylights were more susceptible to leaking, because of limited design knowledge, the modern skylight has come a long way. 

Companies such as ourselves, who are at the forefront of the industry, deliver services and products that are far superior to that which was available 10+ years ago. The modern skylight is hugely robust, and combines practicality with design innovation. Our EcoGard Flat Skylight is a perfect example of this. 

Today, we at Lonsdale Metal are exploring whether skylights leak. Additionally, we are going to identify a number of leading leaking skylight causes. We hope that by doing so, you may be able to rectify any challenges you currently face or are better prepared for things going wrong in the future. 

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What is the Difference Between Rooflights and Skylights?

What is the difference between rooflights and skylights? This is a question we commonly receive due to the surface-level similarities between the two. However, they’re actually quite different in their own rights. In this article, we will discuss why rooflights and skylights are different, the different types of rooflights, and the properties of each. 

Both rooflights and skylights offer a series of beneficial properties that will enhance the presence of light in your house, boost your well-being, and help you to save money on energy costs. But what is the difference between them?

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