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How to Create an Environmentally Friendly House

Creating an environmentally friendly house can be done with relative ease, and is hugely important. Year on year climate change worsens, and we all have a responsibility to do our bit to reduce our impact on the planet. Often, small changes that we can all make accumulate and help to bring about positive change. There are a number of things, for example, we can do around the home to help the collective climate effort. Today we are going to explore the ways in which homeowners can transform their home into an environmentally friendly house.

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Rooflights for Listed Buildings: Is it Possible?

In the past we have received requests from customers that desire rooflights for listed buildings. If you own a listed building or are in the process of buying one, you may not yet understand the procedures in place to protect the property. With any listed building, if you own the property there are certain conditions that you must meet and agree to. Today we are going to unpack the restrictions surrounding listed buildings: ultimately asking is it possible to purchase rooflights for listed buildings. 

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Benefits of Installing Aluminium Patent Glazing

The demand for aluminium patent glazing has risen significantly in recent years. The extraordinary benefits of aluminium have been understood by those in the construction industry for some time. And nowadays, more and more people are opting to use aluminium to yield the best results in their construction projects. But why is this? Today we are going to outline the benefits of aluminium patent glazing: offering an insight into why, exactly, this material is so widely used. 

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The Typical Cost of Rooflights & Patent Glazing

In recent years, rooflight and patent glazing installations have soared. As people have recognised the many benefits of both systems, the demand has increased. If you are on the cusp of having one installed, or can see yourself renovating in the future, you may be curious about the general cost of rooflights. Equally, you may wish to know the cost of a patent glazed roof. Continue reading where we outline this and provide some general information below. 

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What Are the Benefits of Natural Light in the Workplace?

You could argue that we take natural light for granted. It is there, and we certainly appreciate it, but when you break it down, it is astounding how much it benefits us. So, what is natural light and how does it benefit us so greatly? In the workplace the benefits of natural light are numerous, and cannot be understated. In this article we are going to take a closer look at how natural light in the workplace benefits a company and its workforce. 

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Finding The Right Rooflights For Your Home

Finding the right rooflights for your home can be difficult if you are new to rooflights and skylights. So, it is vital that you are aware of all of the factors you need to think about when choosing rooflights for your property. In this blog article, we will cover how to find the right rooflights for your home, so you can work your way through all of the different aspects that will need to be in consideration. Sit back and take note of everything you need to know when purchasing rooflights for your home.

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Our Latest Museum Solar Control Projects

Recently at Lonsdale Metal, we have completed various projects on museums including The British Museum and The V&A Museum. All of the museums we have completed work on had special requirements for solar control/shading due to the UV damage that their exhibits were witnessing. As these museums feature priceless exhibitions it is crucial that they are protected from the damaging UV light, so they can maintain their great appearance for public viewing. In this article, we will talk you through the methods we used to achieve solar control at these great UK museums. So, see how our rooflights and glazing have transformed museums across Britain.

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