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Maximise Light In The Home With Rooflights & Skylights

Some homes will receive more sunlight than others, and although it’s physically impossible for us to grab the sun and plant it in rooms which need it the most, there are other options we can take to achieve the same goal – rooflights and skylight installations being a popular one.


According to this survey, over 50% of participants said that natural light is a must-have feature in their home. It’s not just something that has an impact on the look and feel of rooms, it affects us too! Natural light is essential for our immune system – it boosts our vitamin D and can also improve moods significantly.

What Is the Difference Between Rooflights & Skylights?


If we’re being honest, there is no distinctive difference between the two. They are essentially the same thing with the exact same purpose and benefits, people just prefer their own term whether it’s rooflights, skylights or roof window!

However, rooflights tend to be designs fitted for a flat roof. So if you see the term ‘flat rooflights’ cropping up here and there, it is also referring to just rooflights.

And then we have skylights – these are installed on traditional pitched roofs and bespoke units. The skylights which are installed on pitched roofs are very different to skylights installed on flat roofs. This is because they can be fitted with electric motors which allow for opening and therefore provides much-needed ventilation to rooms and easy access.

Woodbury 03 External ThermGard on RaftersEnhanced

The Features


Aesthetics – When it comes to domestic rooflight and skylight, they are critical to the design project. For extensions, renovations and new builds, contemporary and innovative designs are making their mark in the industry which is ever growing. And they include high-quality rooflights or skylights.

Aesthetics not only come from the lights but the whole character of the property and it’s rooms too! Whatever aesthetically pleasing look you want to pull off, the many designs of skylights and rooflights will help.

Energy efficient – Energy efficiency and thermal insulation is a top priority for any home, and with the installation of skylights or rooflights, you are able to reduce artificial lighting and energy bills. Research has shown that rooflights also help reduce CO2 emissions that a property produces. Natural light not only brings a whole new look and feel to rooms, but it also saves us money too!

Low Maintenance – There is a range of rooflights and skylights which are low maintenance and have features which help. From frame materials, glass specifications and glazing. Maintaining a rooflight or skylight takes minimum effort with cleaning in place every month or so.

Ventilation – Ventilating skylights open outwardly at the bottom, this helps release the hot air that builds up near the ceiling. It’s evident that fresh air is important, and it’s much, much healthier than using air purifiers or air conditioning units and these take up a lot of energy.

By installing skylights or rooflights on to your flat roof, you can make dramatic improvements in regards to increasing natural daylight, improving ventilation and your overall exterior look. Here at Lonsdale, we have worked on various domestic rooflight and skylight projects, so don’t hesitate to get in touch to discuss your requirements.

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