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  • Non-Fragile

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  • SkyGard Traditional Patent Glazing Bars

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    SkyGard is a traditional inverted ‘T’ bar design ideal for unheated spaces such as canopies, walkways, verandahs, car ports, shelters or rail platforms. The simple design means it is suitable for both new build or refurbishment including heritage buildings where a traditional patent glazing system is required. Easy to install, SkyGard glazing bars offer exceptional value to the building owner and fast installation times for contractors.


    SkyGard is a tried and test product installed throughout the UK and abroad. Some notable projects include Waterloo, York, Southport, Carlisle and St Pancras stations, historic buildings such as Buckingham Palace, Holyrood Palace, Cliveden and many retail stores for Tesco, Sainsbury and Marks & Spencer.

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  • ThermGard Self Supporting Glazing Bars

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    A neat 40mm wide box bar design, ThermGard provides a cost-effective alternative to more expensive sloped curtain walling systems without sacrificing aesthetics. Various slim-line box rafters are available to suit small or large spans. Alternatively the carrier rail may be mounted on top of continuous timber rafters – see our ThermGard-R glazing bars. A continuous screw on pressure plate with gaskets provides outstanding glass retention and a choice of decorative external covers are available to provide either contemporary glass roof appearance or a more traditional heritage style for roof lanterns on period buildings.


    ThermGard is a tried and tested product installed throughout the UK. Some notable projects include The British Museum, Windsor Royal Opera House, ILVA stores, the US Ambassador’s Residence and McArthur Glenn Outlet Village, Bridgnorth.s.

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  • Aluminium Rafter Glazing Bars for Glass and Timber

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    ThermGard-R aluminium glazing bars for timber rafters provide the ideal combination of the natural beauty and warmth of timber inside a weather-tight, maintenance free external finish. The carrier rail features integral drainage channels to ensure in the unlikely event that water penetrates the capping and high-performance gaskets, it is safely transported to the outside of the building.


    A continuous screw on pressure plate with provides outstanding glass retention and a choice of decorative external covers are available to provide either contemporary glass roof appearance or a more traditional heritage style for roof lanterns on period buildings. See here for typical hardwood conservatory details.

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  • SpanGard Roof Lanterns & Lantern Roof Lights

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    ​SpanGard self-supporting aluminium roof lanterns and skylights are manufactured from the ThermGard patent glazing system providing excellent thermal performance. Each rooflight is pre-built in our factory and fully fabricated ready for immediate installation on site. The integrated aluminium cill, ridge, hip & eaves members enables roof pitches from 15° to 45° and in some instances beyond, subject to overall width dimensions.

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“When it came to a rooflight for my own studio, Lonsdale proved the obvious choice” Sir Terry Farrell, Terry Farrell & Partners

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Heritage Rooflights & Roof Lanterns

Lonsdale have provided heritage rooflights for some of the UKs most prestigious and eminent historic buildings, including Buckingham Palace, Windsor Castle, Admiralty Arch, The British & V&A Museums, St Pancras & Kings Cross Stations and Cliveden to name just a few.

Transform the space while preserving the building’s timeless allure with our heritage rooflights. Build upon the rich history of the building as you take it into the modern era, enhancing natural light, reducing energy consumption, and investing in sustainable materials. Our heritage rooflights elevate the living or working environment while protecting the building’s original character.

At Lonsdale, we have much experience dealing with listed buildings and English Heritage, helping with permissions and ensuring conformance with building regulations. Upgrade thermal performance and air-tightness with our bespoke heritage rooflights designed to suit any property, regardless of its age.

Ready to find out more how Lonsdale heritage rooflights can benefit your project? Contact our knowledgeable team today to embark on your journey to cost-effective and traditional rooflights.

Benefits of Heritage Rooflights:

Historic Character

Heritage rooflights have evolved from original glass structures from the Victorian era. Designed to keep the character of the building, heritage rooflights help conserve the property. Crafted from modern aluminium extrusions with high performance gaskets, they provide contemporary performance whilst maintaining the integrity of the building.

Natural Light

Continue to allow natural light to enter the building and reduce the use of artificial light and energy costs. Modern solar control and insulating units are available to improve thermal performance of heritage rooflights and traditional patent glazing systems are available for canopies or green houses and overhead glazing of unheated spaces. Other glass types can reduce solar UV helping to preserve valuable artefacts or furnishings in rooms below.


Different types of ventilators can be incorporated in either the upstands of heritage roof lanterns or the sloped areas of heritage rooflights. Various opening mechanisms can be specified including traditional pole or cord operated manual gears to modern thermostatically controlled electronic actuators, including remote and ‘smart’ operation.


Lonsdale are manufacturers only, so installation is carried out by a national network of registered contractors. Many of these are experienced at providing heritage rooflights on historic buildings and homes offering a high degree of professionalism and the extra finesse required to ensure a first class finished job.

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