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How to Fix a Leaking Skylight

Skylights are a great way to bring more natural light into your home and can open up a small room. However, a leaking skylight causes damage to the exterior and interior of your house.

Whether you are just starting to notice water coming from your skylight or you have a major leak, it’s important to get your skylight repaired. But how do you fix a leaking skylight?

Common Causes for a Leaking Skylight



If your skylight only has a small amount of water, it might not be leaking. Condensation can build and drip from your skylight. If you notice your skylight is dripping during cold weather, even when it hasn’t rained, it’s likely to be condensation.

Improving ventilation in your home can help with the condensation on your skylight. Opening your skylight is the best way to do this. If you can’t open your skylight, then running a fan in the room can also help.

If it’s safe and you are able to do so, cleaning the weep vents will also help reduce the amount of condensation.


A leaking skylight could be due to a problem with the flashing. To check if there is a problem with your flashing, you should:

  • Clear the skylight of any debris
  • Check for any gaps or holes
  • Check the caulking

If the caulking has started to crumble, you should remove and reapply a strong caulking.

Any holes in the flashing should be fixed; smaller ones can be fixed with caulking. If there is a large hole, you will need to replace the flashing around your skylight. You can do this yourself, but if you are unsure and not confident, it’s best to get a professional involved.

How to Fix a Leaking Skylight


To fix a leaking skylight, you first need to find the source of the leak. You can do this by:

  • Checking that your skylight is completely shut. A leak could be happening simply because the skylight hasn’t been shut properly or at all.
  • If your skylight opens, check that any debris hasn’t got caught in the seal.
  • Checking that the seals around your skylight aren’t damaged. A damaged seal allows water to drip through into your home.

Once you have found where and how your skylight is leaking, how do you repair it? Some leaks you can fix yourself quickly to stop and prevent them from happening again. For example:

Seal the Leaks

The sealing around your skylight can wear over time. Replacing this can help prevent leaks and the deterioration of your skylight. There are two different ways you can seal the leaks:

  • Silicone caulking: Used to seal around the skylight pane.
  • Roofing cement: Used to seal around the flashing.

Replace the Flashing

The flashing around your skylight when fitted correctly is leakproof. However, over time, the flashing can start to deteriorate and will need to be replaced.

If you need to replace the flashing on your leaking skylight, it’s best to get a professional to help. This ensures it’s fitted correctly, and prevents damage to your skylight, home and roof.

Tips for Skylight Repairs


Inspect Regularly

To prevent major skylight repairs, you should regularly inspect your skylight. This ensures you can spot any damage to the window and its surroundings. Aim to check your skylight a couple of times a year, especially if there has been extreme weather.

Address Leaks Quickly

If you find any damage to your skylight, don’t ignore it. A minor issue can result in a massive repair job if it is left. Any signs of a leaking skylight should be addressed as soon as possible to limit the chance of damage to your home.

Hire Professionals

Sometimes your skylight repair is more complex, such as having to replace the whole skylight or refitting your existing one. Hiring a professional is the best way to get your skylight repaired correctly. Professionals will have the right equipment and will be able to advise you how to prevent damage.

Why Should You Fix Your Leaking Skylight

A leaking skylight can cause damage to the inside of your house. The dripping water can leave watermarks on your ceiling. Overtime, this can make water pockets appear and affect the structure of your ceiling.

As well as this, any furniture that is under the skylight can be damaged. Leaks dripping onto items, such as cushions, will leave stains.

If your leaking skylight isn’t fixed quickly, the constant damp conditions can cause mould to grow. Mould can grow on the ceilings, walls and even your furniture.

Buy Quality Skylights with Lonsdale Metal

By investing in high quality skylights, you can ensure they are durable and can reduce the likelihood of leaks. Here at Lonsdale Metal, we make a range of skylights to suit your home and are made with exceptional materials.

Our skylights allow for more natural light to come into your home. You can feel confident that your home will stay brighter and leak-free for years to come. To find out more on skylights leaks, check out our previous blog.

For more information or advice on skylights, get in touch with our team.