New! ThermGard TG50 Roof Glazing System

  • Wide Spans
  • Low Pitch
  • Non-Fragile

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How to Add Value to Your Home: Our Guide

Want to know how to add value to your home without consulting a builder first? You’ve come to the right place here at Lonsdale Metal. While kitchen revamps are thought to add the most value to your home, you might prefer a more intricate renovation that sets it apart from other houses on the market.

There are a multitude of ways to add value without spending too much time or money, but if you have a few pennies to spare and are looking to completely upgrade your home, this article will be your ultimate guide.

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Benefits of Installing Aluminium Patent Glazing

The demand for aluminium patent glazing has risen significantly in recent years. The extraordinary benefits of aluminium have been understood by those in the construction industry for some time. And nowadays, more and more people are opting to use aluminium to yield the best results in their construction projects. But why is this? Today we are going to outline the benefits of aluminium patent glazing: offering an insight into why, exactly, this material is so widely used. 

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