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Benefits of Installing Aluminium Patent Glazing

The demand for aluminium patent glazing has risen significantly in recent years. The extraordinary benefits of aluminium have been understood by those in the construction industry for some time. And nowadays, more and more people are opting to use aluminium to yield the best results in their construction projects. But why is this? Today we are going to outline the benefits of aluminium patent glazing: offering an insight into why, exactly, this material is so widely used. 

Overall Benefits of Aluminium 

To understand why aluminium patent glazing is so popular, we first need to understand why aluminium is used in any architectural context. Aluminium is a lightweight metal that is both flexible and strong. It has a number of key benefits which have made it an increasingly popular choice for architects and engineers. These benefits include: 

  • Lightweight structure which makes it easier to transport and manage than, say, steel. When used with alloying elements, it still provides incredible strength and durability. 
  • Excellent conductor of heat and electricity.  
  • It is 100% recyclable and, during the recycling process, retains all of its properties. Resultantly, aluminium is a cost effective construction and architectural material. 

What Is Patent Glazing? 

Patent glazing applications feature a non-loading bearing, two edge support system that allows glazed panels to be placed between glazing bars. 

Patent glazing was a widely popular choice for architects looking to create glazed structures. At some point, it fell by the wayside as newer alternatives were introduced. In recent years however, it seems that people have fallen back in love with patent glazing and realise its potential as a cost effective sloped glazing solution.  

Benefits of Aluminium Patent Glazing

Aluminium is widely used in patent glazing applications to create the lightweight support that the glazed panels can sit on. We have discussed the benefits of aluminium above, and these make aluminium a great choice for patent glazing applications. Patent glazing projects tend to be a big undertaking, and patent glazing is often used in large commercial projects. The lightweight quality of aluminium and its inherent flexibility makes it easier to transport and manage on a commercial level. If a project manager is adhering to tight project deadlines, ensuring materials can be transported quickly and easily is vitally important. 

Not only this, but aluminium’s flexibility may give the patent glazing installer more opportunity to create bespoke and unique structures. Aluminium is far easier to handle and manipulate than steel, for example. This does not mean that any compromises are made on strength however. Our aluminium patent glazing bars can span up to 5m unsupported, depending on glass specification and loadings. 

ThermGard-R Rafter Glazing System By Lonsdale Metal 

We hope you enjoyed our article on aluminium patent glazing, and now understand why it is a popular material for patent glazing applications. If you are looking to introduce a patent glazing structure into your property, and wish to make use of aluminium, our ThermGard-R glazing bars do just that. For more information on our products or the materials we use we encourage you to fill out a contact form