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Sustainable Construction Methods and Rooflights

The need for sustainable construction methods is growing year on year. In the UK, it is estimated that the construction sector accounts for 45% of CO2 emissions. Historically, we have not been well attuned to the environment and how we impact the planet. In the past, there has been little acknowledgement for how construction methods, if not regulated, can contribute to environmental issues.  

In modern society, we are all held accountable, and made responsible, for our actions in relation to the planet. All sectors have been leaned on to adapt and enhance their processes to promote sustainability. Today we are exploring what the construction industry is doing to align themselves with this shift. Moreover, we will share how we at Lonsdale Metal are contributing to the collective push for sustainability in construction. 

Sustainable Construction Methods: An Overview 

The construction industry is an inherent consumer of raw materials. Not only this, but construction companies, year on year, produce a significant amount of waste. Companies, corporations and governments are now realising that more needs to be done to create an eco friendly construction sector. Plenty of companies have, thankfully, recognised the need for change and the importance of sustainability in construction. 

Construction procedures have been adapted, greater efforts have been made to use energy efficiently, eco friendly construction materials have been favoured and green technology has been introduced. As companies follow this trend, we will hopefully see a reduction in the increase of global warming in years to come. Some of the recognised sustainable construction methods being implemented by modern construction companies include: 

  • Exact measuring of materials to reduce waste
  • Erecting green buildings 
  • Carefully selecting materials (Opting for sustainable or recycled options)
  • Consideration of waste management. Properly disposing and recycling waste 
  • Conserving energy 

Rooflights in Eco Friendly Construction 

Companies across the entire spectrum of construction are being called on to promote sustainable living. We at Lonsdale Metal are one of those companies. In the past, we have worked closely with construction companies. We have been instrumental in the integration of sustainable construction methods for certain projects, and have helped to bring sustainable building designs to life. 

This is because rooflights are inherently environmentally friendly. Not only do they look great and add value to a property, but they reduce energy consumption by providing sunlight and increasing insulation. As a company, we are committed to supporting our collective goal of minimising our carbon footprint. 

If you work in the construction industry and wish to speak to us about how we can work together, we always welcome a chat. You can visit our contact page to submit a form, or you can give us a call on 0208 801 4221. Rooflights can play an important role in sustainable building design. As a leading supplier and installer of rooflights in the UK, we are happy to help regardless of project size or scale. Contact us today.