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Rooflights for Listed Buildings: Is it Possible?

In the past we have received requests from customers that desire rooflights for listed buildings. If you own a listed building or are in the process of buying one, you may not yet understand the procedures in place to protect the property. With any listed building, if you own the property there are certain conditions that you must meet and agree to. Today we are going to unpack the restrictions surrounding listed buildings: ultimately asking is it possible to purchase rooflights for listed buildings. 

Making Changes to a Listed Building

If you are lucky enough to own a listed building, you will be somewhat restricted from making certain changes to the property. Before we unpack that, what exactly is a listed building? Simply put, a listed property is a building or structure that has been deemed to be of national significance. They may have historic or architectural interest, and thus are protected to preserve this historic significance. Listed buildings come in a number of variations depending on their importance. Your property may be Grade I, Grade II or Grade II*. As a result of this, making changes to a listed building is far from straightforward. If your property is deemed to be of historic value, the ultimate goal is to protect and preserve any interior or exterior elements of the property. Historic England and local planning authorities will oversee listed buildings, and any changes that you are keen to make will go through them. 

Rooflights for Listed Buildings – Can It Be Done?

Before you consider making any changes to a listed property, you will need to find out whether there is an Article 4 Direction on the property. This is enforced by the local planning authority and will restrict development on the property. If, indeed, one does exist for your building, you will need to be awarded planning permission by the local authority. Rooflights for listed buildings is not a flat no, but you will typically be required to confer with the local planning authority. As suggested, listed buildings are closely monitored and protected so that the essence of the building and its historic value is protected. Any drastic changes are unlikely to be approved. Instead, you should be aiming to make changes that work harmoniously with the building’s character. 

Rooflights for Listed Buildings By Lonsdale Metal

Making changes to a listed building is not impossible, but it requires the property owner to confer with local authorities. It is hugely important that you do receive permission to carry out any work on a listed building, as failure to do so can result in court action and legal penalties. 

The team at Lonsdale have experience making alterations to buildings of significance. Having worked extensively with the Crown Estate, we are experts in carrying out sensitive work on protected properties. We would love to hear about your ideas and any projects you are looking to take on. Contact us today for our full range of services and how we can help you.