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The Rise of The Kitchen Skylight in 2023

Kitchen skylights are quickly becoming one of the most popular home refurbishment additions. Their presence, especially in kitchens, is set to rise in 2023. With this in mind, it is time to fully plunge into your kitchen upgrade and install a kitchen skylight. The benefits of skylights are endless, and this article will tell you all about them. We at Lonsdale will also be touching on the trends of kitchen skylights and how we can help you to realise your visions for your kitchen.


  • Energy Consumption

We live in a world consumed by energy efficiency, whether the motivation is for improving the state of our planet or reducing the energy bills that increasing numbers of people are plagued by. People are always trying to save money, and more are becoming preoccupied with the effects our excessive energy consumption has on the planet and what they can do to make a difference. One of the benefits of skylights is that they can positively impact both of these concerns. 

Skylights reduce the need for artificial lighting in your rooms, whether residential or commercial. The most efficient light on the planet comes from the sun, so why not use it? Kitchens are undoubtedly an area of your building that requires the most light, as handling hot materials in the dark is bound to end badly. Installing kitchen skylights will add a source of natural light into your room that will help you to cook safely, keep your energy bills down, and considerably reduce your carbon footprint. 

  • Consideration of Mental Health

Now more than ever, society is caring for their mental health and making the conscious decision to ensure it stays good. But we also spend a large portion of our time indoors, which deprives us of one of the best mental health remedies, nature. Natural sunlight and being outside are two of the most beneficial things one can bask in to keep their serotonin levels high. Serotonin not only lifts your general mood but motivates you to be more productive. Productivity is especially desired in the kitchen, where concentration is vital. 

Kitchen skylights can aid in your mental health journey by providing a way to look up at the sky and ground yourself, even when indoors. Enduring a kitchen upgrade can be a difficult task. But the outcome of your labour will surely be welcomed, especially if you are greeted with a source of natural light through a kitchen skylight. 

  • Frugality

With the price of everything increasing left, right, and centre, more people are starting to observe their long-term choices and invest in their future. Even if this means spending a chunk of money to start the process. Kitchen Skylights at Lonsdale are priced competitively to ensure you receive the quality you’re looking for at the best possible price. They are an investment, but a kitchen skylight will benefit you long-term when it comes to your spending. 

As mentioned above concerning energy efficiency, kitchen skylights reduce the need for artificial lighting, resulting in turning on your lights less frequently, especially during the day. But additionally, as it gets colder, people are installing kitchen skylights for their insulating properties to help reduce their heating costs. Kitchen skylights are incredibly efficient concerning insulation. They’ll keep the heat inside your kitchen, in your kitchen, and prevent the ingress of any cold external air. 

  • Aesthetics

Aesthetics are becoming a pillar of society as people strive to achieve interior decoration that looks professional and well thought-out. A key trend in 2023 is minimalism, which is an aesthetic characterised by a moderate lack of possessions that causes spaces to look de-cluttered and organised. Kitchen skylights play a role in this aesthetic, as they naturally give the illusion that your room is more spacious, and the natural light draws attention to the items in your kitchen or lack thereof. If your kitchen is organised, your skylight will put your organisational skills on full display. 

One of the benefits of skylights (as mentioned above), is that they provide high levels of natural light that eliminates the need for extra artificial light sources. Lamps and extra light sources can clutter your space and make your kitchen seem more unorganised. Disorganisation breeds unproductivity, which is the opposite of what you should feel in the kitchen. You should feel inspired and motivated, which the presence of a skylight will help you to achieve.

What are the benefits of a kitchen skylight?

We have already discussed some of the positive aspects of kitchen skylights above. But there are a few more practical advantages, rather than trends, that we haven’t yet discussed. The first aspect that we’d like to highlight is the customisation options of kitchen skylights. 

  • Customisation

Here at Lonsdale, we have a selection of products available that cover all the bases concerning shape, glass type, and accessibility options. But the products we present on our website are not our only products. We value ourselves in providing our customers with the solution that best suits their needs, which is why we offer bespoke skylight design. 

Whether you’re looking for a flat hexagonal walk-on skylight or a square access skylight made of safety glass, we can design the kitchen skylight for your kitchen upgrade. Customisation and versatility are two of the best benefits of skylights that shouldn’t be overlooked. 

  • Easy cleaning

Kitchen skylights are easy to clean, as only water and mild soap are needed. You don’t need a power washer or any specific and expensive detergents, as both of these items will do more damage to your kitchen skylight than good. The silicone seals surrounding the skylight will struggle to handle the pressure, and the adhesion efficiency may decrease. 

With people living such busy lives in the contemporary world, it only makes sense to invest in items that don’t need much maintenance and keep themselves looking beautiful without excessive cleaning.


What can Lonsdale do for you?

Here at Lonsdale, we have a team of architects, contractors, and installers to help you to achieve the kitchen skylight you’re looking for for your kitchen upgrade. One of the benefits of skylights made by Lonsdale is that they’re easy to install, reducing the costs considerably while providing you with quality and safety. 

Contact us today to inquire about our products, or start the process of designing a bespoke kitchen skylight with us!