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Are Rooflights Energy Saving?

Not only are Lonsdale Metal rooflights beautiful to look at, they also provide you with amazing energy efficiency that can save you a lot of money. Rooflights are great for energy saving whilst also providing your buildings with a source of natural light.

In this article we will be looking at how your rooflights can save you both energy and money by increasing your efficiency, preventing air leakage, reducing heat loss and increasing heat gain from sunlight. We will also talk about some benefits that you may not have considered, including the positive effects that natural light can have on morale and productivity in businesses. 

Increasing Energy Efficiency

One of the main benefits of rooflights that can save you both energy and money are the properties they have for increasing your energy efficiency. In a study conducted by De Montfort University’s Institute of Energy and Sustainable Development, it was shown that the use of rooflights can aid energy efficiency in buildings whilst also lowering CO2 emissions. 

Similarly, Simplified Building Energy Models (SBEM), a software used to calculate the efficiency of buildings, showed that when a building is using rooflights it is between 15 to 20% more efficient than buildings that are not. Increasing your energy efficiency can be incredibly beneficial for buildings that are either domestic or in industry. According to the Environmental Protection Agency, energy efficiency has major benefits not just domestically but for the entire world. Reduced energy usage leads to lower greenhouse gas emissions. Financially, improving your energy efficiency can greatly reduce your energy costs including gas and electric bills.

Preventing Air Leakage

Rooflight energy saving capabilities are not only limited to overall energy efficiency. One of the big benefits of using Lonsdale Metal rooflights is the reduced amount of air leakage. According to gov.uk’s ‘Building Regulations 2010: Conservation of Fuel and Power’ document, the permeability, (how gases or liquids escape through a surface), of a buildings’ windows and rooflights should not exceed more than 10m3 per hr/m2 when at an applied pressure of 50pa. 

Lonsdale rooflights have been tested to ensure that they are compliant with these regulations, making them incredibly useful for buildings that may struggle with air loss. Having excessive air leakage in your home or business can lead to increased energy usage. Ensuring that you remain airtight through your windows or skylights can be a great way to save energy.

Reducing Heat Loss

One of the quickest ways to see your monthly costs skyrocket is by excessive energy use. This can come through having to constantly keep the heating on during the cold winter months. Thankfully, one of the ways in which rooflights are energy saving is their ability to reduce heat loss. You may find that you keep having to turn up your heating due to heat escaping from windows or doors. With skylight insulation you will receive a substantial reduction in the amount of heat lost throughout your home or office. 

Whilst the clear benefit of heat retention is lowering your energy bills, you will also notice a similar effect in the hot summer months. Your house will be insulated effectively with Lonsdale Metal rooflights. 

Increasing Solar Heat Gain 

Whilst you will notice the heat retention of your home or business increasing, you should also begin to notice you are retaining, or even preventing heat from the natural light that is coming through your rooflights. This is known as solar heat gain. We offer a selection of specialised glass that can give your rooflights energy saving advantages.

The skylight insulation may be tinted in a blue, green or bronze colour, giving you excellent heat retention, or prevention, from natural sunlight. This will not only mean that you do not have to have your central heating up as high in the winter, but you will also notice that your home or office is a comfortable, cooler temperature during hot summer months. This will also dramatically reduce energy costs all year round. 

Benefits of Natural Light

Whilst rooflights provide you with great energy saving properties that in turn save you money, this is not the only benefit you will receive. The natural light that comes through your rooflights can be incredibly beneficial for productivity and overall morale in an office. 

Natural light is a source of vitamin D. Vitamin D has been linked to the levels of serotonin in the brain. Serotonin is the main hormone that controls moods and general well being in a human being. Increased levels of serotonin, received through natural light, can lead to a happier and more productive workplace. When staff are more productive you will find that your business will operate smoother. This can lead to an increase in profits and subsequently, financial gain. 

If you would like to ask any questions about how our rooflights are energy saving, or if you would like to learn more about our bespoke rooflights here at Lonsdale Metal, including our skylight insulation, get in touch with our friendly and helpful customer services team today.