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How To Get Natural Light Without Windows

If you are looking into methods of bringing in more natural light without windows, you have come to the right place. Rooms with no windows can be difficult to light, but some methods will make your rooms more bright and inviting without being too expensive. From reflective items to rooflight windows, we have a variety of suggestions that are sure to help you. 

We understand that the cost of living is rising. So, we have compiled this list of long-term solutions to increase the amount of natural light in your room and make it more pleasant.

The psychological benefits of natural light

Studies suggest that natural light, especially in the morning, can significantly improve depression, sleep, and seasonal affective disorder, raise serotonin levels and improve concentration and creativity. 

Some things you should consider

Before implementing any measures to attract natural light without windows, you should consider the size and shape of your room and its intended purpose. You may struggle to notice increased natural light in your home if your rooms are smaller and awkwardly shaped. 

You won’t need to increase the amount of natural light going into a storage cupboard more than in your kitchen, so it is important to be mindful of these tips and implement them thoughtfully.

How to bring in some natural light without windows

  • Fit internal glazed doors

Glazed internal doors are going to do wonders for your space. Ordinary doors effectively act as another wall between two rooms and don’t allow any natural light into your home. Glazed doors are a fantastic method to allow light to be shed from one room to another.

There are many different styles of internal glazed doors that can provide you with as much or as little light as you like. You could choose a door made entirely of glass or another with just a few small windows. The panes of glass in these doors can be transparent or frosted to allow for more privacy, but the amount of light entering the room will not be compromised. 

  • Install a skylight

Skylights are the most expensive suggestion on this list. But, they will also let the most natural light without windows into your home. Despite the initial costs, skylights are incredibly durable and cost-effective long-term. 

The design of skylights allows them to let in as much light for as long as possible all year. Flat glass roof lights encourage up to 25% more natural light in your home than if you didn’t have them installed. This will help you squash your energy bills by reducing the need for artificial light as long as the sun shines. 

Lantern skylights, on the other hand, increase the levels of natural light in your home by helping the light extend beyond six metres at a time. So, paired with the other measures on this list, there are few limits to how much light you can reflect around your home. Their angular panes of glass also help to reflect light from all angles to take it to different corners of the room. 

As well as the practical effects, skylights are very aesthetically pleasing and the beautiful beams of light shining into your room will improve your mood and provide you with a dose of Vitamin D. 

Here at Lonsdale Metal, we can provide you with all the information you need to decide whether skylights are the right option and assist you from design to installation. Our experienced team of architects and engineers will survey your space and design the rooflight of the perfect fit to ensure that as much natural light without windows as possible. 

Skylights only need to be inspected once every year and should only be cleaned every six months to ensure that the silicone seals surrounding the frames of the glass panes are in the condition they should be to prevent leaking and further corrosion. 

Contact one of our highly experienced team members today to discover more about skylights!

  • Hang up some mirrors

Mirrors are one of the best ways to get natural light without windows. The natural reflectivity of mirrors will help any natural light reaching your room to extend even further. This will maximise the available light while making the space look brighter. 

Whether you put up one big mirror or a selection of smaller mirrors in a cluster, they will create a focal point for your room and simultaneously reflect any natural light in your room. There are a few places where mirrors would be best placed, including near entrances, behind doors, or close to artificial light. It wouldn’t make sense to put a large mirror in a dark corner of the room because all it will do is absorb the darkness and make the room look smaller and darker than it is. 

Place your mirrors strategically, and you can largely increase the presence of natural light without windows. This same rule applies to any reflective items. Mirrors, glass, metals, polished items, and any other reflective items should be placed close to a natural light source. Because the items will always reflect natural light into your home.

  • Don’t overcrowd your space

Cluttered spaces create more shadows, especially when there isn’t much light entering the room. So, one of the best ways to increase the appearance of natural light without windows is to de-clutter your space. This may seem like a daunting task, but as well as making your room brighter, you’ll also be clearing your mind.

We hope that this list has enlightened you and that you now know at least one more method of encouraging natural light without windows into your home. 

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