New! ThermGard TG50 Roof Glazing System

  • Wide Spans
  • Low Pitch
  • Non-Fragile

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Lonsdale Roofing

Marriott Hotel

This previously draughty corridor was in sore need to refurbishment at this hotel and spa just outside Manchester. Our ThermGard-R rafter glazing bars were ideal for sitting on top of the existing steel rafters and provided a robust glazing method to retain the large double glazed units. Softcoat low-e laminated and toughened glass insulating glass units provide excellent heat retention and being North facing, there was no need for the addition of solar control.

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What are ThermGard-R Rafter Glazing Systems for?

ThermGard-R Rafter Glazing Systems are fixed onto load bearing timber rafters that have been installed by a joiner. Essentially, the rafter glazing system helps to support the structural integrity of the glazing. 

Why do I need a ThermGard-R Rafter Glazing System?

A ThermGard-R Rafter Glazing System will prevent water from ingressing into your building and damaging your glazing system. If made of wood, your glazing could develop dry-rot, which will cause it to deteriorate. Alternatively, if your glazing is made of aluminium, rust development may occur from extended contact between the metal and condensation. 

What is “Glass Retention?”

Glass retention devices ensure the glass panels on your glazing system can’t be easily removed even when the beading is removed.

What are the benefits of the polyester powder coating?

Polyester powder coating increases the longevity of your glazing system and prevents corrosion and fading over time. Powder coating is clean and can help to provide gloss and colour retention for years to come.