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What to Look for in a Rooflight Supplier

We understand it can be challenging to confidently choose a rooflight supplier, especially when there is so much at stake. Unfortunately, the construction industry harbours many opportunistic and fraudulent roof light manufacturers that operate under false pretences. So, it is vital to be educated on what to look for in a rooflight supplier to avoid this eventuality. In this article, we will discuss a few of the ways you can distinguish genuine rooflight manufacturers from scam artists to save you money and time. We will cover the qualities and accreditations a rooflight supplier should have and the importance of reviews, as well as various international quality systems that verify a product. 


Accreditations for installation engineers are far more abundant than for rooflight suppliers. But, there is one primary certification that the supplier should have that will determine that the rooflight has been manufactured to industry standards. This certification is NARM. NARM shares information with rooflight suppliers about legislations and standards organisation and advises them on how they should be manufacturing their products to meet these requirements. This includes technical guidance on glass, thermoplastic, ventilation, and specific types of rooflights. If your rooflight supplier is connected with NARM, this is a good indicator that your supplier is legitimate and has manufactured your rooflight to high standards.



Any reputable rooflight supplier will be happy to thoroughly answer any questions you may have about their products and services. If they don’t have the information you need readily available on their website, they should be able to confidently provide you with the details you’re looking for. It is worth asking about glass type, and the properties of various types of glass. Roof light manufacturers should have a bank of knowledge about their products at their disposal. Uncertainty could indicate that the rooflights are in fact produced elsewhere, and the company you intend to purchase from is purposefully concealing that knowledge. 

Additionally, the rooflight supplier should offer guarantees of at least 10 years on their various products. If this is not the case, the implication is that the roof light manufacturers themselves don’t have faith in their merchandise. The guarantee of quality and longevity will put you at ease and confirm that the product you intend to buy is manufactured to a certain standard and not simply thrown together. 

Furthermore, it should be clear what the rooflight is made of. Is there a finish on the frame? Do the materials used to provide safety assurance, reduce condensation and encourage thermal efficiency? If these details aren’t obvious on the website of your rooflight supplier, or a representative you speak to is hesitant to provide information, there is no guarantee your rooflight will have these beneficial features. 

Finally, the cost of your purchase should be clearly outlined before you lay any money on the table. The sudden appearance of hidden costs is frequent in the construction industry, so be sure to determine a final price with your roof light manufacturers before you pay for the rooflight. If VAT is included or excluded in your quote, this should be communicated to you. Any additional components such as curbs and non-slip finishes should be accounted for when finalising costs, and your receipt should include everything you discussed with your rooflight supplier before you pay. 


Positive Reviews

The importance of reviews should not be underestimated in the construction industry. Everyone has to start somewhere. So a low number of reviews is not inherently a cause for concern. But the ratio of good to bad reviews is vital to achieving a comprehensive overview of whether the rooflight manufacturers you intend to work with are legitimate. Reviews are the best way to determine the quality of a product or service, and shouldn’t be ignored when choosing your rooflight supplier. It is important to note that as well as genuine reviews, there could be some falsified ones. These can be identified by noting the response of the rooflight supplier themselves to the bad review, and investigating whether a competitor may be attempting to sabotage the business. Although rare, this does happen sometimes, so it is beneficial to be aware. 


Here at Lonsdale…

We manufacture rooflights from high-quality materials with the help of our specialised architects and specifiers to ensure they exceed every standard of quality in the industry. Suggesting design ideas, providing technical information, and offering expert advice are what we do to help you achieve the rooflight you desire. We have been a trusted rooflight supplier to well-known brands including Nando’s, Tesco, BMW, Network Rail and various NHS facilities across the UK. Whether you need a flat rooflight, patent glazing, a SpanGard roof lantern, or opening roof vents, we can fulfil your needs.

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