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The Typical Cost of Rooflights & Patent Glazing

In recent years, rooflight and patent glazing installations have soared. As people have recognised the many benefits of both systems, the demand has increased. If you are on the cusp of having one installed, or can see yourself renovating in the future, you may be curious about the general cost of rooflights. Equally, you may wish to know the cost of a patent glazed roof. Continue reading where we outline this and provide some general information below. 

Cost of Rooflights: Roof Windows, Rooflights, Skylights and Patent Glazing

We are going to start the article by defining some terms for anyone who does not know the difference between a roof window, rooflight, skylight or patent glazing system. Although the terms have become almost interchangeable, there are some subtle differences to note. 

The terms rooflight and skylight describe products that are somewhat similar. Both refer to a glazed unit on a flat roof. These tend to be large, or much larger than roof windows, and are often bespoke products. Roof windows, on the other hand, tend to be installed on pitched roofs and are considerably smaller. 

Different yet is patent glazing. This type of glazed roof system uses a two edge support system. This allows the glazed panels to sit between glazing bars. Although favoured for larger projects, a patent glazed roof system can be used in smaller, bespoke renovations. 


What Is the Typical Cost of Rooflights? 

Determining the ‘typical’ cost of a rooflight installation is difficult. This is because there are a number of factors which will influence the price. For example: the frame material, glazing and size, as well as other factors, will decide the cost. Equally, prices will vary between companies. Some companies will include installation with the price of the unit, whilst others will charge additional installation costs. 

Our rough cost estimate would be £600-700 for a basic, small rooflight. For models that open electronically, or rooflights that are larger, you can expect to pay more. There are also walk-on options, as well as those that feature blinds. We encourage you to conduct some research before committing, and explore the market for options that best suit your needs and budget. 

And For a Patent Glazed Roof? 

Patent glazing does tend to be used in larger commercial projects (railway stations, shopping centres). With this in mind, it may be difficult for us to provide a base level cost. These will be quoted on a project to project basis, and the end product is own bespoke. You do see patent glazing used in smaller projects, but again the cost will vary. 

The Cost of Rooflights at Lonsdale Metal 

Although we have provided a basic guide on the cost of rooflights and patent glazing, we would always encourage you to contact our team. With more details about your project, we can provide a more accurate estimate. Fill out a contact form and share the ambitions for your project. One of our experienced team members will get back to you as soon as possible.