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The Benefits of Natural Light & How to Get More

We at Lonsdale Metal are firm believers in the benefits of natural light. We have spoken at length in our blog section about natural light and how it stands to offer rewards to home and business owners. 

We wanted to revisit the topic today, as natural light is so fundamental to what we do. As a result of our products, people are able to experience more natural light in the home and the inevitable benefits that doing so brings. 

Today, we are unpacking both the benefits of waking up to natural light as well as experiencing it throughout the day. We want to provide a definitive case for creating more natural light in the home, as we believe it stands to benefit people to no end. Continue below for more information. 

Natural Light in Interior Design: Why It Is Important

Natural light in interior design is becoming an increasingly popular feature. Many designers involved in the creation of modern properties and commercial buildings are looking to prioritise access to natural light. Whether this is by the use of artificial systems or traditional methods, such as windows, the result is the same: more natural light! 

So, why is this exactly? Well, the answer is multifaceted. Not only do properties with plenty of natural light look fantastic, but there are actual tangible benefits. 

View of a white room in an attic

In other articles, such as our exploration of natural light in the workplace, we outline this. But there are more benefits than discussed in this article, which we felt were worthy of sharing. The benefits of natural light extend to health and beyond. We have listed some of the unique benefits below, and thus why natural light in interior design is now highly prioritised. 

  • Increased Energy Efficiency

Whether you own a commercial building or a residential property, energy efficiency is important in the current climate. With energy bills soaring over the last year, people, naturally, want to get value for money. Moreover, opportunities to decrease energy expenditure are a huge plus. 

One of the great benefits of natural light is the more efficient use of energy. Not only does natural light lessen your reliance on artificial lighting, but it can warm your property if it is well insulated and cleverly designed.

Less reliance on artificial means of lighting and warmth means that pounds stay in your pocket, essentially. Especially in the domestic market, this is a huge benefit which people can enjoy. 

  • Improved Productivity & Focus

It is widely believed that optimal productivity and focus is achieved through exposure to natural light. 

Especially in a commercial or industrial environment, this really is invaluable. It is helpful to think of sunlight exposure as having a knock on effect. It improves mood and sleep, which in turn improves your ability to focus and be productive. Fantastic, right?

  • Mood Regulation

We have spoken about this elsewhere in our blog section, particularly in a commercial context. 

Exposure to sunlight in the morning has been proven to do wonders for healthy mood regulation. Experts indicate that it can contribute to healthy sleep, strengthen the immune system and, overall, keep you feeling happy and healthy.

As you can see, if you have the opportunity to improve your access to sunlight then it should be taken. We explore how you can do that below. 

Increasing Natural Light in the Home

There are a great number of ways that natural light can be introduced into your home. Whilst innovations are being made constantly to improve our access to natural light, such as sunlamps, you can’t beat an old fashioned window. 

Rooflights, for example, are great for improving a homeowner’s access to natural light. They shower the space below in natural light and, ultimately, allow for the benefits of sunlight to be enjoyed in full. 

With thermally broken frames and specialised glazing now available, the installation of a rooflight also goes hand in hand with increasing energy efficiency. Not only can you warm your property, but you can retain that warmth as a result of rooflight integration. 

Lonsdale Metal: The Natural Light Experts

As you can see, the benefits of natural light really cannot be underestimated. They stand to benefit you and your family to no end. Not only this, but plenty of sunlight makes your property more desirable on the housing market. Finally, you may end up creating energy savings by introducing it. 

As a leading supplier of rooflight solutions, we pride ourselves on creating a solution that increases exposure to natural light. 

If you would like to discuss our product offering, or how we can increase your access to sunlight, we encourage you to contact us today. A member of our team will endeavour to respond at the first available opportunity.