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Heat Loss in a House: Overview & Prevention

If you are a property owner, heat loss in a house can be really distressing. Not only does it mean that your property is colder than it should be, but it also means a portion of your energy bill, which is already costly, is lost. 

Especially in the current climate, with the rising increase in energy prices, it is hugely beneficial to explore ways to reduce heat loss in homes.

Whilst some degree of heat loss in the home is inevitable, there are certain properties that lose a startling amount of heat. Moreover, this can often be mitigated with some simple fixes and a bit of knowledge. Whilst some heat loss prevention measures are expensive, others are cheap and relatively easy to implement. 

Today, we at Lonsdale Metal are offering effective solutions for tackling heat loss in a house. We want to give you a complete overview of where most heat loss occurs. Subsequently, you will have the knowledge to prevent it at the source. 

Preventing Heat Loss in Homes: An Overview

It is now common knowledge that the cost of energy crisis is out of control. Household bills have spiralled, and are set to follow a similar trend.

Now more than ever, preventing heat loss in homes is vitally important. This is the best way to ensure you use energy efficiently and, ultimately, save money. With bills already costing homeowners a fortune, many people cannot afford to heat their homes only for a large percentage of the heat to escape. 

This is where heat loss prevention measures come in. Some experts estimate that ‘’one third of heat produced by central heating systems is lost through the roof, walls, floors and windows’’. To reiterate, the average heat loss in a house is around one third. This of course varies, but the point remains the same: a large percentage of the heat your home generates is lost. Shocking, right? 

Thankfully, there are a number of tips and tricks that can help to bring this figure down. There are a wealth of resources online which can help you. We also have a range of material in our blog section which pertains to heat loss, such as our recent blog on whether skylights leak

As an industry leader in rooflight installations, we have worked with clients for years to maximise thermal efficiency in the home. Thus, the knowledge we have acquired along the way will effectively help you solve heat loss in a house.

Picture of someone holding a thermostat

Ways to Reduce Heat Loss in Homes

There are a huge range of effective ways to reduce heat loss in homes. Some require more of a financial investment, whilst others are quick and simple. We have provided a few popular examples below. 


  • Don’t Skimp on a Rooflight Installation


Contrary to popular belief, a rooflight can actually help to retain the heat generated by your central heating system. This is because they use specialist glass and thermally efficient frames. Our rooflights, for example, make use of thermally broken aluminium, high quality glass and silicone seals. This all helps to keep the heat in.

If you don’t currently have a rooflight installed, it is something you may wish to consider. They offer a range of benefits, including heat retention and increased property value. 

However, we would always encourage you to go with a reputable, experienced company such as ourselves. This way, you can ensure the installation, and the product materials, are the best they can be. If they are not, you run the risk of adding to the problem rather than fixing it. 


  • Sufficient Insulation


Proper insulation goes a long way in retaining heat in the home. Without it, especially in the roof, you are at risk of heating escaping. 

The good thing is, insulation is relatively inexpensive and is easy to implement. This is, of course, dependent on the extent of the task. If you require a lot of insulation or do not feel comfortable doing the job yourself, you should enlist the help of an expert. 

Either way, ensuring your home has plenty of insulation will help to reduce heat loss in a house significantly.


  • Thermal Curtains + Sealing (DIY Method)


We also wanted to include some tips which are inexpensive and can be implemented by you, the homeowner. 

Thermal curtains are a fantastic option for retaining heat, as they provide an insulating barrier between your home and your windows. Moreover, if your windows are particularly troublesome there are other options at your disposal. 

Sealing can be bought from any DIY store and placed around the window frame. This can also be applied to any door frames and has a similar impact. 

All of these tricks work to keep heat from escaping. Whilst they are not going to have a huge impact, it all adds up if implemented throughout the home.

Heat Loss Prevention at Lonsdale Metal

We would encourage you to view this article as an introduction to the topic. These are a few points, but there are more resources online which will explain how to reduce heat loss. 

If you are worried about heat loss in a house, and you believe a rooflight installation may be the culprit, we encourage you to contact us. 

We have a number of options available, and we can work with you to ensure any installation is made to retain heat. 

For more information or for pricing enquiries, please contact us today.