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Bespoke Skylights: Fixed or Vented?

More and more modern homeowners are opting to have bespoke skylights installed in their homes. Rooflights have many benefits and are inherently valuable, so this trend is hardly surprising. From the maximisation of natural light to aesthetic value, a rooflight installation has a lot to offer homeowners. 

If you have read around the topic, you will appreciate that there are many different types of rooflights seemingly offering different things. This can make whittling down your options a difficult process. Today, we are going to look at two options in particular (fixed and vented) to help people exploring the market make a more informed decision. 

What Are The Different Types of Bespoke Skylights?

If you have ever had a rooflight installed, or are thinking about purchasing one, you will have experience browsing the market. There are a vast number of companies offering rooflight installations now, and they may specialise in different areas of the market. From walk on to sliding rooflights, you are able to acquire products that suit just about any project brief. Not only this, but the type of glazing, frame material and more is now customisable. 

Today we are looking at the fixed and hinged rooflight in particular. Both of these types of rooflight have their individual benefits, and each will be suited to different properties and project demands. Continue below where we outline the two types of rooflights (fixed and vented), and summarise their chief benefits. We hope by the end, any prospective buyers torn between a fixed and vented rooflight installation will be better equipped to make their decision. 

Fixed Bespoke Skylights: An Overview

If you are new to many of the concepts outlined in this article, a fixed rooflight is a simple glazing structure that aims to maximise the amount of natural light the below room receives. As the name suggests, these types of rooflight are fixed shut and cannot be opened to offer access or ventilation. Although, for some people, the idea of a rooflight that cannot be opened is unappealing, fixed rooflights do have some noteworthy advantages. These include: 

Slimmer Profile/ Larger Frame

Many people choose to install rooflights in their home so they can maximise their access to sunlight. If, therefore, this is the key motivation behind purchasing bespoke skylights, you may wish to side with a fixed rooflight. They tend to offer a slimmer profile, and the viewable pane tends to be larger. This means that natural light is ultimately prioritised. 

More Cost Effective

When considering a vented rooflight, you need to understand the cost disparity. A fixed rooflight requires less frame and metalwork than a vented alternative, so they cost significantly less. Additionally, they generally weigh less which results in cost reductions. If your goal is to renovate areas of your home on a budget, you may wish to opt for a fixed installation. 

Vented Bespoke Skylights: An Overview 

Vented rooflights comes in a number forms, all of which allow the user to achieve an opening. Some only allow for this opening to be small, whilst access rooflights, for example, provide a large opening. This can lead onto a roof terrace if a property has one. 

Although this type of rooflight tends to be more expensive, and potentially more difficult to install, they have a number of benefits over fixed alternatives. Some notable benefits include: 

Better Ventilation

Ventilation is extremely important. Whether we are at home, in the office or out shopping, adequate ventilation is an essential component of our health and well-being. Having a hinged rooflight, therefore, will help to circulate fresh air in your home. In the summer months when temperatures soar, it will be very valuable to have a rooflight that you can open and leave ajar. Having proper ventilation in the home will make the occupants feel more comfortable, and will make the property feel more inviting. Lastly, if the rooflight is in your kitchen, being able to open it to release smoke and odours from cooking will be greatly beneficial. 

Improved Temperature Regulation 

In continuation from the last paragraph, rooflights that are vented will help you better regulate the temperature in your home. Although the weather in England is not drastically hot in the summer, we still experience relatively hot days. On these days, having a vented rooflight that can release the hot air that has risen in your home will be of great value. Equally, relying on natural elements and ventilation to cool your home will allow you to make energy bill savings. This is because in the areas of the home where your vented rooflight is, you will not need to rely as heavily on appliances like an air conditioner. 

Our Conclusion on Fixed vs Vented Bespoke Skylights

Today we have explored both the fixed and hinged rooflight market. As you can see, they both have benefits that will be of more value to some people than others. People may be especially keen to bring the outside in, so may opt for a fixed rooflight as they tend to be larger. Other people, for example, may require the benefits of ventilation that a hinged rooflight offers. 

Providing an answer on whether fixed or vented bespoke skylights are better is challenging, as the question is multifaceted. If your budget is tighter, it may be wise to opt for a fixed rooflight. With a larger budget, we would suggest having a mix of both. In the areas of your home that get particularly hot, or require ventilation, such as your kitchen or bathroom, it would be good to install vented rooflights. In an area where you can get the most value from a view, such as a communal living space, then a fixed rooflight may be optimal. 

For any advice on rooflights, you can contact one of our team for a chat by filling out a contact form. We specialise in bespoke skylights, and can work to fulfil any ambitions you have for your rooflight project.