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Bespoke Rooflights: Why You’re Missing Out

If you don’t yet have bespoke rooflights in your home or business, you’re missing out. The benefits of bespoke rooflights are endless and will surely enhance any room you place them in. The beauty of bespoke rooflights is that, unlike ordinary pre-set rooflights, you can design any shape, size, or style you want, so your rooflight is all yours. 

Whether you’re looking for a small bespoke rooflight for your kitchen to join the fleet of energy-efficient homes or you’d like to create an extra source of light in your commercial building, we at rooflight centre can help you design your perfect bespoke rooflight. But first, let’s discuss the benefits.

What are the benefits of bespoke rooflights?

Bespoke rooflights boast many practical and aesthetic benefits which will set your home or business apart from the rest while enhancing your building and possibly saving you some money. 

  • Bespoke rooflights illuminate the interior

Rooflights act as a direct portal for light to access the interior of your building. Their expansive surface area helps to open the space and bring up to three times more natural light into your building. Compared to an ordinary vertical wall-standing window, a bespoke rooflight attracts twice the amount of light, as the positioning of the window allows direct ingress, rather than relying on reflected light. 

Natural light hosts many benefits aside from the physical and aesthetic aspects. Natural light can also have a beneficial impact on your psychology. It can raise your serotonin levels and generally cause you to feel more productive and uplifted. 

This natural illumination can also help to create more energy-efficient homes, as the lack of dependability on artificial resources negates the need for artificial light in the first place and helps to largely reduce your monthly bills. Bespoke rooflights play a large role in energy-efficient homes, not only removing the necessity for artificial light but also heating. 

The glass used to manufacture bespoke rooflights are incredibly efficient insulators, with a U-value of an astonishing 0.60W/m²K for triple-glazed rooflights. The U-value of the glass determines the heat transmittance through it and indicates whether your glass is contributing to the energy efficiency of your home or hindering it. 

The ideal U-value of glass windows is considered to be between 0.17W/m²K and 0.39W/m²K, but the glass of bespoke rooflights is much higher than this, so don’t be alarmed if you conduct a U-value test to discover your rooflight has a U-value of 1.9W/m²K. 

  • There are many types of glass to choose from

Depending on the intended purpose of your rooflight, one type of glass may be more suitable than another. This is a great aspect of bespoke rooflights because you aren’t confined to just one glass type. You have total control over your bespoke rooflight, but we do have some tips to help you choose. 

For bespoke rooflights, we recommend neutral solar control glass for commercial buildings, which allows 70% light transmission and provides thermal insulation to large buildings. But you can choose any glass you’d like! 

  • They encourage natural ventilation

Whether in a commercial or domestic building, heat always rises. This can cause your room to feel stuffy and lead to a build-updon’ of stale air. An opening bespoke rooflight is the perfect solution for this problem, as it can encourage natural ventilation, eliminating the necessity for air conditioning. Bespoke rooflights can keep fresh air circulating and make the space more comfortable for those inside it.

Furthermore, if a manual opening rooflight doesn’t interest you, here at Lonsdale Metal, we have the option for electronically-opening rooflights! Allowing you to open your rooflight and encourage the natural circulation of air with ease and total control. We also have a rain sensor available, so your rooflight knows when to close automatically and prevent rain from accessing your room. 

  • Aesthetic appeal

Bespoke rooflights can be anything you want them to be, you have total control over your vision. So, they don’t need to be ordinary glass rectangles. We can help you manufacture a bespoke rooflight of any shape or size, and achieve your vision.


Lonsdale Metal

Here at Lonsdale metal, we help our customers manufacture bespoke rooflights for their individual needs. We have many types of rooflights available to choose from, including opening rooflights, patent glazing, flat roofs, and more! 

We have a glowing reputation with our customers and always strive to meet their needs and exceed their expectations. Our team is composed of experienced architects and specifiers, confident main contractors, and knowledgeable installation advisors. Contact us today to start your journey to your bespoke rooflight!