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  • Non-Fragile

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Our Latest Museum Solar Control Projects

Recently at Lonsdale Metal, we have completed various projects on museums including The British Museum and The V&A Museum. All of the museums we have completed work on had special requirements for solar control/shading due to the UV damage that their exhibits were witnessing. As these museums feature priceless exhibitions it is crucial that they are protected from the damaging UV light, so they can maintain their great appearance for public viewing. In this article, we will talk you through the methods we used to achieve solar control at these great UK museums. So, see how our rooflights and glazing have transformed museums across Britain.

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Designing A Smart Home

Designing a smart home can come in various forms for different homeowners or builders depending on their budget and needs. It’s no doubt that technology continues to evolve and grow into markets we didn’t think were possible, and with the opportunities to now incorporate such tech into our homes, it’s become quite the trend. Continue reading “Designing A Smart Home”